Leonor Amaral

Coloratura soprano

© Simon Heydorn
Leonor Amaral has a soprano that is rich and colourful, dripping in agility, never sounds strained and therefore convinces with unmatched ease and high emotionality. The malaysian conductor Harish Shankar and Leonor Amaral are the stars of the evening for me. — Der Opernfreund

© Lutz Edelhoff
Leonor Amaral as Zerline stands out from the eager cast. The way she demonstrates her coloraturas while sorting laundry happens rarely, even in bigger theatres. She received instant and long-lasting applause. — Der Opernfreund

Leonor Amaral plays the cheerful Constance with entrancing countenance, a delicate soprano and an infectious zest for life. — Der Opernfreund

Leonor Amaral interprets her part with beguiling eagerness and a crystal clear soprano. The aria „Die Eifersucht ist eine Plage“ was enchanting. — Opernglas

Towards the end of the performance the strings and Leonor Amaral reach a level of tenderness together that shows us what music can trigger in us. Becoming one with ourselves and the world, a pure sense of existence - even if it’s just for a moment. — Vorarlberger Nachrichten

© Simon Heydorn